How It Works

Problems adevi addresses

Effective Communication with ADEVI |

Lack of Communication

The best ideas often come from non-technical people who understand their field inside out. However, there is a gap between software developers and those responsible for identifying flaws. A lack of communication makes the gap even bigger.

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Execute Your Idea

All you want to do is initiate and execute your idea. You shouldn’t have to endure countless separate development resources and tools to do that. Change begins with realizing that, even though you’ve been in the industry for years, you can’t do everything alone. Sketching. Prototyping. Designing. Project Management tools.

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Team of Experts

To compete with established market leaders, you need a team of experts. No matter how great your idea is, I.T is a risky investment when you’re surrounded by bigger companies with bigger resources.


Adevi “speaks your language,” which goes beyond tech-talk. She’ll guide you using natural, everyday language you’ll understand. ADEVI automates multiple areas of the Software Development Cycle (SDLC) so you can focus on staying creative and achieving results.

How the Ai Assistant Works

User Process – follow these simple steps!

Input Inspiration, Design & Documents


Virtualise – Processing & Generating Preview


Customise – Adjust & Modify Designs


Prototyping & Source Code Generation


Test, Validate, Share or Purchase

Input Inspiration, Designs, or Documents

Upload UIs, wireframes, images, and other forms of inspiration. Start with natural language using the search bar or upload any documentation.
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Virtualize: Processing & Generating Preview

ADEVI’s algorithms will crunch your inputted data to generate a visual preview.

Customization: Adjust & Modify Designs

Adjust and modify your design, add effects and other elements. Get the unique graphical design and interface you envision!
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Prototyping & Source Code Generation…

…ALL in REAL-TIME! Add collaboration participates to get feedback, or add finishing touches to seal the project’s deal.

Test, Validate, Share, or Purchase

Validate your business model early on, get valuable feedback, and share with potential investors through email or social media.
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This smart hub takes designers and creatives to the next level, freeing up their time to focus on what matters: Being creative!

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All-in-one AI Assistant

ADEVI is your Artificial Intelligence Assistant. Initiate, collaborate, write tech docs, visualize results, and outline a clear development path..

Reduce costs with ADEVI |

Reduce Costs Dramatically

By automating time-consuming aspects of the SDLC, you can use fewer resources to complete your project.

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Design For Non-designers

Whether you lack tech skills, are a non-designer or a development company, you can use ADEVI to create a system that fulfils your unique needs.

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Design From Scratch Or Use Existing Uis

No matter your desired level of control, find it with ADEVI’s customizable options, intuitive tools, and in-depth tutorials.

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Simple Collaboration

Expedite your project by connecting with designers, copywriters, technical project managers, engineers, or programmers.