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The importance of a user experience for software apps and website

User experience (UX) plays a crucial role in the design of a digital product should be an integral part of the design process, from early concepts to the final product. The look of the digital product is also vital but the key aspect is how the user interacts with it, users must be able to easily navigate through the digital product or platform and also they should be able to understand it and it should have clear signals of the outcomes.
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Why do we want to tell you? Just like a tool you need to know before use it

Have you ever experienced frustration, when you trying to use a new product without a prior knowledge? Even if you know how to use it but don’t know some of its features or don’t understand how to use them perfectly. Unless you know how to use it or its features, we say you are not using it fully. It matters how you use it rather than whether you have it or not. By reading it, it will help you understand what you could have missed with ADEVI.


Have you ever thought how the companies are started? What are the list of items to be completed? and how it differs from the company, country, industry and other factors. However, it’s possible to clarify ADEVI’s process and why we are here for. By understanding ADEVI, you can develop yourself in the future or you can use its features and benefits more effectively. Most of the companies try to think what are the customers wants and in their perspectives by simulating in their position. However, ADEVI was thinking more than what customers want or need. Moreover, we were searching for something that was beyond your consciousness, but better products and services to you. ADEVI is not achieving its goals and objectives without you. It’s a collaboration between ADEVI and users to make a better environment where you can enjoy your work, while saving your time and money. complex software to capture data


Think of what elements and tools you will need in prototyping. What needs to be improved and developed? We have been preparing for the test and learn phases with our ADEVI AI Assistant platform for UI design and software development platform. You don’t know where to start with prototyping? Or you want to skip the very beginning of prototyping? For users to find ease of use, ADEVI has developed the AI Assistant that understands and recognises UI design and software development platform. It allows you to enter a clear development path by recognising elements, tools and recommendations based on your project objectives. Basically, it understands the intention and objectives of your project and offer you the best options. MEET A NEW COMMUNITY Creative Smart Hub is a marketplace where users can build a strong community. It is at the very end phase of launching and new professional designers are interested in using it. It helps you test your projects with other users. As an E-commerce platform, you will be able to buy and sell creative work. People are involved in engaging by using the service and provide us feedback from next week. ADEVI is attempting to improve the quality of client’s project better and seamless the process till you say ‘Yes! It’s done”. It gives you the seamless process of your project from production to sales. There will be no need of ceasing the project in the middle of processes in search of other platforms with different tools applied to sell the product. There are people bothered by compatibility with different tools and environment. ADEVI and Creative Smart Hub were developed to solve this problem.


In early April, ADEVI has secured a patent application for the core technology. It took much more time than we anticipated. There were other issues that we needed to improve in terms of user experience. It is likely every company to see what people are satisfied with their products and services. So do we. Even if it took longer than we planned, ADEVI wants to provide what you can develop yourself with. In the end, we are focusing on finalising ADEVI platform close to commercial level with the minimum amount of data to perform test and learn phase. In the near future, we are expected to receive users’ opinion, thoughts, comments and through the contact us form. As we are moving towards the commercialization, we needed to set a process of shortlisting the first list of companies to proceed performing a work with ADEVI in locally base. As it took more than we planned, ADEVI has prepared with better quality.


ADEVI has made a partnership with AWS and received a free substantial amount of credits to use AWS services. Additionally, we have access to technical expertise to prepare the system for the scalable setup. At the same time, we have been accepted to the NVIDIA Inception program and still on the discussion phase. It’s not all. ADEVI is looking for best ways to empower our community and business in expansion for a further assistance.


Number of marketing initiatives can be found online at final stage of preparation. Articles are prepared to provide information about ADEVI’s technology, processes and achievements. It consists of information that you may want to know about us. We can’t wait to communicate and interact with you on social media. Each update on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest is not only about us, but any relevant information that you find interests. For better understanding and interactivity, we are preparing videos. If you don’t know anything about us, please feel free to leave a comment on what you want to know about. We are always monitoring and respect your opinions. Share your thoughts to actualise your creativity with us. We’ve been waiting for so long! It’s just a minute to launch. Hope you are interested in our project. The article was to inspire and encourage people who are really into prototyping process, technology development and social community. We are looking forward to meeting you online in ADEVI!

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